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By: Mike Von Irvin

"Yes--YOU can find and use the amazing Power of Almighty God, and that

is something the whole world has been longing to do for a long time. There is no guess-

work about this staggering New Discovery of what this Power of God is doing. We will submit to

you evidence of the most convincing type that this amazing Spiritual Power is freely available

to you. There is nothing it cannot do for you.

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When you fill out the box with your email and name, you will receive FREE, evidence that may make you doubt your own senses. But let us assure you that this evidence is true. So very true. There is absolutely nothing which the Power of God cannot bring to you. It can make your life happier, more abundantly prosperous, and can do it now. The amazing thing is that the human race has lived so long on the earth without discovering what this invisible Power of God can do. These turbulent times we live in have forced this discovery of the Power of God. Now you may take advantage of it.

However--Play that at we are hunch. We may know what we are talking about. In any event, you'll be out nothing. Because this is packed with blog posts, stories, and other material that is absolutely and completely FREE. You are not obligated for anything when you read and learn these FREE Secrets. I call them secrets because the are so obvious, still overlooked or forgotten.

So fill out your email and name on the pop-up form or website form now? It can very easily be the turning-point in your whole life. It was in mine. . I Can Tell You Exactly How to Do What I Did To Talk With God.

But, first let me tell you a story.

Many years ago, when I was barely a teenager, I was coming home from baseball practice with a group of friends. One of the friends suggested that we stop and play a game or two of basketball. So, we did just that. When we finished playing basketball one of my friends who was older than me and who owned a car, suggested that I hop onto the hood of his car and he would give ,me a ride to my house that was at the end of the red clay road about 7 houses from where we had just played basketball. I did as he suggested and he started out driving slowly, but soon he started horsing around and sped up rapidly. He then hit a pothole and the quick jolt threw me off and in front of the moving 3,000 pound car.

I took about three quick steps then it was if the car ate me like a shark with a big mouth swallowing a tiny minnow. I could hear my bones snapping under the weight of this huge car as the front tire ran over my chest. My body then rolled over and the back tire was on top of my lower back when the car came to a sudden stop. Then the driver sped off while the tire was cutting deeper and deeper into my back. I won't go into further details right now, but I will tell you that I was blind and nearly dead for some time afterwards. I was also nearly dead for a few months. That was the first time that I talked with God and he answered.

Well, it wasn't the first time that I talked with God, because like most people, I thought that my simple prayers were a sufficient method for talking with God. Boy was I ever wrong. And it probably wasn't the first time that he answered. You see, I am now aware of the fact that we are usually not listening for His answer. In fact, we are usually not even talking with God in the right way. More on that later.

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