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First of all, we all know that most Men like some sort of drama in their lives. Simply by sitting down and watching The unReal House Wives of …… Anywhere you will notice that the Men are full of drama and usually trying to create even more drama. It has been my experience that men are just not into all that drama.

          And it does seem that American and European Men in particular are going through a "High Drama" period. My experience has been that some Men like to gossip but, that it is best if a woman who wants to Talk Withstays away from this for the most part.

          My thoughts on drama mamas are this ……Avoid Drama at all cost. Do not get involved in it. If a wowoman tries to get you involved in her drama, it may be best for you to walk away.

          There are hundreds of thousands of good hearted beautiful available Men in this world. But, there are also some mean beautiful Men in this world. Thankfully, these types of Men are a lot fewer. There are less of the mean Men than good hearted Men.

          But, the best advice I can give you is: "Stay away from Drama and Drama Queens." No matter how beautiful she may be a lot of men have lost more than just time and money trying to please this type of wowoman. I try not to get caught out up in this type of situation.

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